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monologuemon‧o‧logue (also monolog American English) /ˈmɒnəlɒɡ $ ˈmɑːnl-ɒːɡ, -ɑːɡ/ noun [countable]  TALK TO somebodya long speech by one personsoliloquy, dialogue Henry looked up, then continued his monologue.
Examples from the Corpus
monologueContinuity is just as important in dialogue as in monologue.The slow, languid monologue was followed by yips, then by barks, and more howls.Since many excerpts from this long monologue have already been given.No one wants a head's rambling, spur of the minute monologue at the end of the day.a rambling monologueHe holds his translation of the laibon's monologue.His only mode of conversation was the monologue, and his version of the monologue was declamation.This involved beaming heartily at all newcomers to the carriage and exuding humour, warmth and trivial monologue.
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