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monotonemon‧o‧tone /ˈmɒnətəʊn $ ˈmɑːnətoʊn/ noun [singular] 🔊 🔊 CBORINGa sound or way of speaking or singing that continues on the same note without getting any louder or softer, and therefore sounds very boring 🔊 He answered all the lawyer’s questions in a dull monotone.
Examples from the Corpus
monotoneJim Feng laughed quietly: a monotone chuckling.In a barely audible monotone, she gave her evidence.For the past two hours they had listened to Wingate answering questions in a flat exhausted monotone.His message is one of Reaganesque optimism, incongruously delivered in a Forbesian monotone.Instead, I wanted to be Choo Choo, who wore a long turtleneck and spoke with a high monotone.It is monotone, mechanical and Daleky.Duvall drawled in a strange monotone.An engaging blend of poetic characterization and deductive reasoning, it was delivered for the most part in a weary monotone.
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