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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonotonousmo‧not‧o‧nous /məˈnɒtənəs $ məˈnɑː-/ adjective  BORINGboring because of always being the same a monotonous diet a little boy who wet his bed with monotonous regularitysee thesaurus at boringmonotonously adverb The rain poured monotonously out of the grey sky.
Examples from the Corpus
monotonousSome are assigned different tasks, partly to prevent the work from becoming monotonous.Life on the farm was slow and monotonous.Moods and attitudes were no longer volatile but fixed, slightly dogmatic, monotonous.It is backbreaking, monotonous and requires skill.My job is monotonous, but at least I'm working.In distant prospect I look forward to them greatly, as a break from the monotonous, lonely routine of writing.The rhythmic, monotonous noise of their chewing was soothing to Nails.Her life is a monotonous routine.The monotonous sound of the train was an invitation to float, the engine emitting smooth, continuous snorts and sneezes.The teacher's low monotonous voice almost put me to sleep.a monotonous voiceFor man and beast, it was slow, monotonous work.with monotonous regularityThe ineffable Louis Stanley, operating from his suite in the Dorchester, launched new but already outmoded cars with monotonous regularity.This magnet for unwanted paper will fill up and overflow with monotonous regularity and should be abolished.He was still hitting greens with monotonous regularity, but on the putting surface his touch had deserted him.Indeed, he was a sickly child, succumbing with monotonous regularity to ear and throat infections.Learners like hand-outs, but they should not be used with monotonous regularity to echo everything the teacher says.
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