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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMonsieurMon‧sieur /məˈsjɜː $ -ˈsjɜːr/ noun (plural Messieurs /meɪˈsjɜːz $ -ˈsjɜːrz/)  SLLMANused when speaking to or about a French-speaking manMadame, Mademoiselle Monsieur Lacombe
Examples from the Corpus
MonsieurShe knew that at least the dress - given to her by Monsieur de Levantiére as a farewell gift - looked right.When she finished, the rest of Mr Mitterrand's guests clapped politely, and they were joined by Monsieur le President.De Smedt et Monsieur supplies to a wide range of customers including shops, hotels, restaurants, offices and airports.But don't forget, Monsieur, it was Easter.Was it Monsieur de Rochefort who'd tried to persuade Rohan to marry Antoinette? she wondered.It's a great honour and I only hope and pray I won't let Monsieur down.More important, she found it fascinating to put Monsieur de Levantiére's advice into practice.The truth is that upon listening to the final confession of a villager, Monsieur Vincent realized the plight of the peasants.
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