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monsoonmon‧soon /mɒnˈsuːn $ mɑːn-/ noun [countable]  1 [usually singular]DNHEM the season, from about April to October, when it rains a lot in India and other southern Asian countries2 DNHEMthe heavy rain that falls during the monsoon, or the wind that brings the rainsee thesaurus at rain
Examples from the Corpus
monsoonBut trips home for Arizona firefighters this summer promise to be as rare as a monsoon rain on Memorial Day.During our interview, a monsoon rain was drenching his small, 1920s house in Sam Hughes.Snow was falling as steadily as the apricot blossom in the first monsoon storm.This was the end of the wet season, and he sheltered in doorways from the brief storms of the northeast monsoon.The former is extremely sensitive to orbital parameters, whereas the latter depends greatly on the nature of monsoons.But then, during the monsoon of 1661, she made her fatal mistake.The monsoon rains broke early that year and with exceptional force.No tropical monsoon could stop them.
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