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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonstrositymon‧stros‧i‧ty /mɒnˈstrɒsəti $ mɑːnˈstrɑː-/ noun (plural monstrosities) [countable]  UGLYsomething large and ugly, especially a building a concrete monstrosity
Examples from the Corpus
monstrosityIt's an excrescence, a monstrosity, some tardy addition to the agenda.This building is another monstrosity celebrated as a brilliant piece of architecture.a 275-room brick monstrosityBut it was also a land full of genetic monstrosities, the type of composite beasts in which the Shanhai jing delighted.The parades of human monstrosities that horrified and fascinated medieval villagers provided the same kind of entertainment.The house consisted of two reception rooms, each furnished with black oak monstrosities that created a dark and depressing atmosphere.I rented a Spanish-style monstrosity in Beverly Hills while my apartment was redecorated.Those who set the monstrosity of globalisation in train seek in vain to dissociate themselves from the effects of their actions.This was his hobby, sketching vertical monstrosities, though he might easily have been a spy.
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