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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonstrousmon‧strous /ˈmɒnstrəs $ ˈmɑːn-/ adjective  1 BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSvery wrong, immoral, or unfair It’s monstrous to charge that much for a hotel room. Such monstrous injustice is hard to understand.2 BIGUGLYunusually large a monstrous nose3 unnatural or ugly and frightening syn hideous a monstrous shadow on the stairsmonstrously adverb He was ugly and monstrously fat. It was monstrously unfair.
Examples from the Corpus
monstrousa monstrous 400-pound grizzly bearIn the dark hours after breakfast it was some way of controlling the monstrous disjuncture between his private and his public life.In his own colorful expression, he had laid a monstrous egg.A monstrous form lay on it, covered by sheeting.a monstrous lieA monstrous pain crackling along the frozen nerves to leave her dry crying, wordless sobs of abandonment.Frequently they were outspoken wives, who were considered monstrous shrews or unnatural traitors to their husbands.The plan called for five dams and reservoirs, all of them of monstrous size.She throws monstrous tantrums if her parents try to leave her at daycare or with a baby-sitter.Carr has created a monstrous villain, a female killer of children.
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