Language: Old English
Origin: monath


Related topics: Astronomy, Chronology
month S1 W1 [countable]
1TMC one of the 12 named periods of time that a year is divided into
this/last/next month
Phil is coming home for a visit next month.
She'll be thirteen this month.
I hope I'll have finished the work by the end of the month.
She earns about £350 a month (=each month).
We update the schedule at least once a month.
the month of May/June etc
It snowed heavily during the month of January.
2 a period of about four weeks:
She has an eight-month-old daughter.
He'll be away for two months.
The symptoms she suffered varied from month to month (=every few weeks she had different medical problems).
a month-long transport strike


a long time, especially several months:
Redecorating the kitchen took months.
for/in months
I haven't seen him for months.

month after month

used to emphasize that something happens regularly or continuously for a period of time:
I felt I was doing the same old thing week after week, month after month.

month by month

used when you are talking about a situation that develops slowly and steadily over a period of time:
Unemployment figures are rising month by month.

never/not in a month of Sundays

especially British English spoken used to emphasize that something will definitely never happen:
You won't find someone to do that job in a month of Sundays.

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