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month after month

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonth after monthmonth after monthNEVERused to emphasize that something happens regularly or continuously for a period of time I felt I was doing the same old thing week after week, month after month. month
Examples from the Corpus
month after monthI'm just doing the same old thing month after month.And then following in her footsteps, month after month, as if he stood a chance.But month after month Clarisa and I went on sleeping with our son between us.Day after day, month after month, I followed death.How must it be to work here day after day, month after month, knowing there was no end to it?I learned on the job, at sea, working seven days a week, month after month.Our salaries were not paid, month after month.The Azusa Street revival itself continued day after day, month after month for three years.These limits were then overshot by month after month of interest rates above 14%.
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