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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonthlymonth‧ly1 /ˈmʌnθli/ ●●○ adjective [only before noun]  1 REGULARhappening once a month The mortgage is payable in monthly instalments. a monthly publication2 AMOUNTused to talk about the total amount of something that is received, paid, measured, or calculated in a month a monthly salary of $850 a monthly rainfall of four inches3 DURINGa monthly ticket, pass etc can be used for a period of one monthmonthly adverb They meet monthly to discuss progress.
Examples from the Corpus
monthlyA loan of £30,000 would add more than 7 percent to a monthly £298.22.And they gave monthly and quarterly awards to the best drivers.But he wants to track its ups and downs on a monthly basis.The average monthly bill per customer is declining as the industry woos newcomers who want a cellular phone mainly for emergencies.The monthly charge is $ 40 for current cable subscribers and $ 60 for nonsubscribers.a monthly commuter train ticketa monthly credit card paymenta monthly income of $3,750A new monthly magazine Wessex Architect was launched and used to promote a wide range of events.a monthly magazinea monthly meetingCuttings that should come to everybody's attention quickly can be pinned to the library noticeboard or contained in a monthly newsletter.In the first year of the plan, the government will pay 30 percent of their monthly payments.
monthlymonthly2 noun (plural monthlies) [countable]  TCNa magazine that appears once a month a leading women’s monthly
Examples from the Corpus
monthlyCommercial journals, particularly the weeklies and monthlies, can take rapid decisions, and have a faster turn-round time.
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