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months/weeks/ages yet

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmonths/weeks/ages yetmonths/weeks/ages yetTIME/HOW LONGused to emphasize how much time will pass before something happens, or how long a situation will continue ‘When’s your holiday?’ ‘Oh, not for ages yet.’ It could be months yet before they know their fate. yet
Examples from the Corpus
months/weeks/ages yetIndeed, it may beaver for many months yet.It was to last for some months yet.Sometimes they took little dancing steps, as their blood responded to rhythms that their descendants would not create for ages yet.But it could be several weeks yet before these children know the fate of their school.It will probably be some months yet before we get the final government reaction to our proposals.I know it will not be for some months yet, but time passes quickly.
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