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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmood-alteringˈmood-ˌaltering adjective [only before noun]  mood-altering drugs or substances affect your mind and change the way you think or feel
Examples from the Corpus
mood-alteringFurthermore, because alcohol and other mood-altering chemicals are cross-addictive, we shall probably always have drug addiction as well.In this respect, being under the spell of a leader is like being the influence of a powerful mood-altering drug.Perhaps by making cannabis legal our society would imply progressive sanction to the use of any mood-altering drug.It follows that careful monitoring of patients for their susceptibility to depression before prescribing mood-altering drugs would be a wise precaution.Cannabis, when smoked, has to be inhaled very deeply to get its mood-altering effects.All mood-altering substances or behaviours may be cross-addictive.It is this disorder of the human spirit that leads the sufferer to seek mood-altering substances or behaviours.
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