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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoodymood‧y /ˈmuːdi/ adjective  1 MOODannoyed or unhappy Keith had seemed moody all morning.2 MOODoften changing quickly from being in a good temper to being in a bad temper syn temperamental a moody teenager Lewis was moody and brilliantly clever.3 moody places, films, pictures, and music make you feel slightly sad, lonely, or perhaps frightened the moody grey sea in the dawn lightmoodily adverb She was staring moodily into the fire.moodiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
moodyWhatever the reason, he seems a totally different person now, very withdrawn and moody.I tried to make polite small talk with him although he seemed distinctly taciturn, if not downright moody.She's been really moody and emotional.He became moody and unpredictable after his wife left him.Lately he had been as moody as an adolescent and about as helpful.She was moody at times and easily irritated.a moody, black-and-white movieAs a result, she can seem moody self-centered, and demanding, throwing lots of tantrums.a moody teenagerJealous, moody type, apparently; married too but separated.Mucho moody with tons of testosterone.
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