Language: Old English
Origin: mona


1 noun
Related topics: Shapes, Patterns, Astronomy
moon1 W3

the moon/the Moon

HA the round object that you can see shining in the sky at night, and that moves around the Earth every 28 days:
The Americans landed on the moon in 1969.
the craters on the surface of the moon
2 [countable usually singular]HACF the appearance or shape of the moon at a particular time:
a clear night with a bright moon
a thin crescent moon
It was raining and there was no moon (=the moon could not be seen).
full moon, half moon, new moon
3 [countable]HA a round object that moves around a planet other than Earth:
the moons of Saturn

ask for the moon

also cry for the moon British English informal to ask for something that is difficult or impossible to obtain:
There's no point in crying for the moon.

over the moon

British English informal very happy:
She's over the moon about her new job.

many moons ago

literary a long time ago:
It all happened many moons ago.

➔ once in a blue moon

at once1 (15)

; ➔ promise somebody the moon

at promise1 (3)
vehicles used in space: spaceship, spacecraft, rocket, (space) shuttle, probe, satellite, space station

someone who travels in space: astronaut, cosmonaut Russian

parts of a rocket's journey: countdown, launch, blast-off/take-off/lift-off, leaving the earth's atmosphere, going into orbit, re-entering the earth's atmosphere, splashdown/touchdown

places and things in space: planet, moon, star, sun, satellite, solar system, constellation, galaxy, universe, the cosmos, black hole, quasar, comet, meteor, asteroid

the study of space: astronomy

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