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mooringmoor‧ing /ˈmʊərɪŋ $ ˈmʊr-/ noun  1 moorings2 TTW[countable] the place where a ship or boat is moored a temporary mooring
Examples from the Corpus
mooringSlowly, each of their minds unhitched from its moorings in the body and spun.The three paused at the water's edge, not far from Water Gypsy's moorings.She looked for the yacht but another boat was on the mooring it had used.The oyster boats were still fixed to the moorings, a sure sign that Oystermouth was in mourning.The moorings are too close to town centre.In the water; the boats rocked at their moorings, their tuna towers swaying.Several ships had broken their moorings during the storm.The nearby Mokelumne River ripped a half-dozen boats from their moorings and slammed them into a bridge down river.The signal buoys that might have guided them to safety had been ripped from their moorings by the violent winds.Stultz headed back to their mooring, a few hundred yards east of the Trepassey town dock.

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