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MoorishMoor‧ish /ˈmʊərɪʃ $ ˈmʊr-/ adjective  SANSHrelating to the Moors Moorish architecture
Examples from the Corpus
MoorishAround them, laid out flatly, are the 12 apostles each occupying a Moorish arched doorway.There were Moorish arches everywhere and huge earthenware pots filled with whispery green ferns and bright geraniums and spiky yuccas.At Cairo Central there were long side and head buildings, with a fine corner tower embellished with Moorish arches.Moorish architecture in SpainGold embroidered cape showing the influence of Moorish art in the design of lions attacking camels.The illuminated Moorish fountain in the cinema foyer contained goldfish.There are ancient passageways full of shops and in the old, Moorish quarter there is a market.It was introduced to the island by the Moorish slaves of the early colonists.
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