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2 verb
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mop2 past tense and past participle mopped, present participle mopping
1 [intransitive and transitive]DHC to wash a floor with a wet mop:
She carried on mopping the floor.
2 [transitive] to dry your face by rubbing it with a cloth or something soft [= wipe]:
It was so hot he had to keep stopping to mop his face.
The doctor mopped his brow (=removed sweat from his forehead) with a handkerchief.
3 [intransitive and transitive] to remove liquid from a surface by rubbing it with a cloth or something soft
mop something from something
She gently mopped the blood from the wound.
He mopped the sweat from his face.
mop something away
She mopped the tears away with a lacy handkerchief.

mop the floor with somebody

American English to completely defeat someone, for example in a game or argument [= wipe the floor with somebody British English]
We mopped the floor with the team from Pomona High.

mop something/somebody ↔ up

phrasal verb
1DHC to remove liquid with a mop, a cloth, or something soft, especially in order to clean a surface [= wipe up]:
Mop the sauce up with your bread.
He mopped up the spilt milk.
2PMA to remove or deal with something which you think is undesirable or dangerous, so that it is no longer a problem:
The usual solution is to send in infantry to mop up any remaining opposition.
The rebellion has been crushed, but mopping-up operations may take several weeks.
wash with soap and water
with a damp cloth
with a brush to remove the dirt
by rubbing with a cloth
by rubbing hard
with a broom
with water and a mop (a tool with a long handle)
also hoover British English with a machine that sucks up dust
using chemicals to kill germs
to clean your skin using a special cream
to put water on to remove dirt or soap
to remove dust, for example with a cloth

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