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moral majority

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoral majorityˌmoral maˈjority noun   the moral majority
Examples from the Corpus
moral majoritySmokers today are quite often made to feel like social outcasts by the moral majority.It became the leper of a consciousness playing the moral majority.The moral majority are just defeating their own aims.
Moral Majority, thethe Moral MajorityˌMoral Maˈjority, the  1 trademark a US Christian organization started in 1979 by the Rev. Jerry Falwell. The group's aim is to help politicians who support its right-wing ideas on subjects such as abortion and the rights of homosexuals, and to actively oppose politicians who disagree with these ideas.2 a general name, especially in the US, for Christians who have strongly traditional ideas about sexual behaviour, the family etc, and who also tend to have right wing political ideas
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