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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoralemo‧rale /məˈrɑːl $ məˈræl/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  MOODCONFIDENTthe level of confidence and positive feelings that people have, especially people who work together, who belong to the same team etc A win is always good for morale.low/high morale low staff morale The failed coup caused a loss of morale within the army.boost/raise/improve/build morale There is a need to raise morale in the teaching profession. the prince’s morale-boosting (=intended to raise morale) mission to the war-torn countrymaintain/keep up/restore morale The media feels pressure to keep the morale of the country up in war time.COLLOCATIONSverbsraise/improve moraleThe special meetings were intended to raise morale.boost/bolster morale (=improve morale)The wins have boosted team morale.keep up/maintain morale (=keep morale high)It was becoming difficult to keep up the morale of the troops.affect morale (=have an effect on morale, usually to make it worse)The uncertainty has badly affected morale.lower/damage moraleWe need to avoid damaging people's morale.sap morale (=to gradually lower morale)Knowing it was all pointless sapped my morale.destroy moraleThe possibility of big job cuts was destroying morale.restore morale (=make people confident and positive again)The new manager realized that his first job would be to restore morale.be good/bad for moraleWell-deserved praise is always good for morale.ADJECTIVES/NOUN + morale high/goodMorale among the staff was high.low/poorThe pay levels have resulted in low morale within the company.shaky (=morale that could easily become low)The team's morale is shaky after their series of losses.sagging morale (=when people are getting less confident and positive)He did his best to boost the sagging morale of the civil service.staff/team moralePositive feedback is good for staff morale.morale + NOUNa morale booster/boost (=something that improves morale)A letter from home was always a morale booster.morale problems (=when the morale of a group is low)A lack of information can cause morale problems.phrasesa lack/loss of moraleRising sickness levels among your employees may show a loss of morale.
Examples from the Corpus
moraleMorale among the soldiers has been low.Morale in the sales division is high.Trying to raise efficiency and morale without first setting this structure to rights is like trying to lay bricks without mortar.In my opinion, the relative rigidity and compartmentalization of the program made for lowered technical efficiency and morale.Prior appears dedicated to boosting morale.No other key to good morale was as important.White House morale was very low.An inadequate person in a job can lead to a sharp fall in morale or sales.Employees have complained about low morale.They sang songs to keep up their morale until the rescuers arrived.low/high moraleMost here spoke of good spirit and high morale.Fourth, decentralized institutions generate higher morale, more commitment, and greater productivity.Mission-driven organizations have higher morale than rule-driven organizations.A more recent report from the Department of Social Security indicated low morale and a lack of confidence in the organisation.Unhappy lawyers mean low morale and higher staff turnover.The highest levels of low morale were in the Northern region.On surveying the organizational ranks, they see only low morale, divisiveness, cynicism, and dulled thinking.They had at their disposal a very powerful light infan-try army with experienced officers and very high morale.
From Longman Business Dictionarymoralemo‧rale /məˈrɑːlməˈræl/ noun [uncountable] HUMAN RESOURCESthe level of confidence and positive feelings among a group of people who work togetherThe poor working conditions have an adverse effect on staff morale.
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