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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmoralitymo‧ral‧i‧ty /məˈræləti/ ●○○ noun [uncountable]  1 GOOD/MORALbeliefs or ideas about what is right and wrong and about how people should behave sexual moralitypublic/private/personal morality the decline in standards of personal morality The authorities are protectors of public morality.conventional/traditional morality a lack of concern for conventional morality2 GOOD/MORALthe degree to which something is right or acceptable opp immoralitymorality of a discussion on the morality of abortion
Examples from the Corpus
moralityGilligan sees this as a morality of responsibility that stands apart from the morality of rights underlying Kohlberg's conception.Christian moralityYet we have already noted how, in terms of poetic justice for instance, fabliau morality is often conventional in precisely these terms.This implies that there is a principle apart from morality on which morality itself can be founded.Prosperity, tranquility, honesty, morality, decency, normality and on-time airline arrivals do not make news.Men had all the power in the state and therefore made both its laws and its morality.He would learn morality by observing people's reactions when he performed unsocial actions; but he would never be punished.Anyone who carried out such an attack obviously has no morality whatsoever.The double standard of morality relied upon this separation between the public and the private.Some leaders have blamed television for the decline in standards of morality.Victorian commentators were very concerned about public morality generally.Monogamy and sexual morality are extremely important to conservatives in the age of AIDS.I think we should question the morality of turning away refugees.But a small, growing school of Catholic intellectuals argue that natural theology actually supports the morality of homosexual unions.public/private/personal moralityPrior to the 1830s, personal morality had not been seen as necessary for political eminence.In direct criticism of Wolfenden, he argues that one can not make a simple distinction between public and private morality.Civic institutions were therefore the public expression of private morality.I choose that name to show its connection to a parallel ideal of personal morality.I say this for Depardieu's own good-and in the interests of public morality.The Town Council was then, as now, very strict in the matter of public morality.This suggests that the privatization of personal morality is well on its way.This is where the recent history of law's withdrawal from the regulation of private morality provides a useful perspective.morality ofThere was a heated discussion on the morality of abortion.
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