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more or less

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmore or lessmore or lessalmost a place where the ground was more or less flat They’ve settled here more or less permanently. He more or less accused me of lying. more
Examples from the Corpus
more or less"Did they have what you were looking for at the hardware store?" "Yes, more or less."There were 50 people there, more or less.The Trilogy helped create this new man of labor, who is more or less a paralegal.Look also for R Centauri, a red Mira-type variable more or less between the Pointers.And then I was using it more or less daily for years ...This time she saw pebbles laid out over the whole of the surface, more or less evenly spaced.Lesbians, being women, were more or less ignored as in-consequential so long as they were quiet about their sexuality.Alexei was a mining engineer in the Kuzbas, but he had more or less refashioned himself into a translator.Some programs will let you set the size of the buffer to keep more or less text.This report says more or less the same thing as the previous one.What she says is more or less true.As things are, it's more or less useless.
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