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more than happy/welcome/likely etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmore than happy/welcome/likely etcmore than happy/welcome/likely etcVERYvery happy, welcome, likely etc – used to emphasize what you are saying The store is more than happy to deliver goods to your home. The police are more than likely to ban the match. more
Examples from the Corpus
more than happy/welcome/likely etcThe Cap'n had been to Jarman House once ... would be coming again more than likely.The accident, as it turns out, was a broken mirror and more than likely a shortage of time.We trooped along and he more than likely brought his mate John Grey along with him.If the leader is open, receptive, and responsive to you, the others will more than likely follow suit.And as to the finish, well, they'd be more than happy for you to check the results for yourself.For the most part, gallery staffers are more than happy to answer questions and discuss artists.If this is not possible, then most printers are more than happy to visit enquirers.They spend the time getting space for some new person who more than likely will leave.
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