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moresmo‧res /ˈmɔːreɪz/ noun [plural]  formalSS the customs, social behaviour, and moral values of a particular group contemporary social and sexual mores
Examples from the Corpus
moresIt is not just life that breaks down, but social structures and mores, the whole container of civilization.Perhaps more serious was the failure to understand, or accept, bureaucratic mores which were at the centre of the system.Expectations reshaped by mores are no longer so easily affronted.middle-class moresIt will be they who commit the most crime, it will be they who will stick two fingers up to conventional mores.Immigration has a lot to do with this, but so do the social mores of a state that is still 60% Mormon.Certainly the area studies part of the training program had not prepared them for the mores of the nursing profession in Tanganyika.They stood for the preservation of the mores and folkways that had guided their forebears for generations.
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