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morning room

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morning roomˈmorning room noun [countable]  old-fashionedDHH a comfortable room that is used in the morning, usually in a large house
Examples from the Corpus
morning roomWell, at the morning room end, there would be a small orchestra, on a specially built, movable dais.They travelled by a short stairway from the morning room, up into a narrow corridor carved with horses' heads.His birthday it might be, but the Grand Duke seemed ill at ease as he received them in the morning room.It was tea-time in the morning room.In biro, she wrote on a piece of paper taken from an ancient stack in a bureau of the morning room.She followed quietly, a well-mannered guest, as they crossed the crowded length of the morning room.He then escorted us to the morning room, where we were greeted by a large log fire.The morning room carpet rolled up and boxed in place.
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