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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmorrowmor‧row /ˈmɒrəʊ $ ˈmɔːroʊ, ˈmɑː-/ noun  1 the morrow2 on the morrow of something3 good morrow
Examples from the Corpus
morrowKing: How now, my noble lords, good morrow!Thinking a great many thoughts about home and the morrow, we dropped off at last into a restless sleep.Still incensed by what she had heard earlier, she began mentally planning a short journey for the morrow.He should take no thought for the morrow, and should bear in mind that possessions imply making provision for the future.There was the possibility of kingfisher and water rail for early risers on the morrow.Upper Gumtree, it seemed to me, might revive spectacularly on the morrow, given oats, fresh air and exercise.Ride to Langholm in Eskdale this first night, then lie up there over the morrow.
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