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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmortalmor‧tal1 /ˈmɔːtl $ ˈmɔːrtl/ adjective  1 DIEnot able to live for ever opp immortal Her father’s death reminded her that she was mortal.2 mortal blow/danger/wound etc3 mortal enemy/foe4 mortal fear/dread/terror5 somebody’s mortal remains6 literaryALPERSON/PEOPLE human – used especially when comparing humans with gods, spirits etc Both gods and mortal men found her captivating.7 mortal coil
Examples from the Corpus
mortalWe are all mortal.He gathered all his strength to deliver his opponent the final mortal blow.Our mortal bodies may die but we will never die.What have naked nymphs to do with mortal expectations?a sight as yet unseen by mortal eyesPhemonoe was privileged to entertain mortal lovers at will.The free market forces mortal men to act like alchemists; they must turn base materials into more valuable goods.Humans exist in time and, therefore, bear a temporal or mortal nature.They actually went to the shrine with the mortal seeds in their pockets.He was mesmerized, breathless with the unspeakable feel of mortal violence.He killed Leonardo and received a mortal wound himself.
mortalmortal2 noun [countable]  1 lesser/ordinary/mere mortals2 literaryALPERSON/PEOPLE a human – used especially when comparing humans with gods, spirits etcimmortal
Examples from the Corpus
mortalNext in order came a few mortals so excellent in their art that they almost equaled the divine performers.The human mortals want their winter cheer: No night is now with hymn or carol blest.And together we were emphatically co-operative that neighbouring forces were populated by lesser mortals.We lesser mortals who had been banished to such places as Wolverton were, however, less fortunate.Miracles can be worked by Him alone, although mere mortals may entreat Him by prayer to perform them on their behalf.Most mortals considered anxiety, and plenty of it, an absolute requirement for getting the job done.You scientists, you upholders of the social contract, gloat like other mortals when somebody makes a mistake?
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