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mortal blow/danger/wound etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmortal blow/danger/wound etcmortal blow/danger/wound etca) something very serious that may cause the end of something The computer has dealt a mortal blow to traditional printing methods. Our health service is in mortal danger. b) KILLsomething that causes death or may cause deathlethal Near the end of the battle, he received a mortal wound. the screams of men in mortal combat (=fighting until one person kills the other) mortal
Examples from the Corpus
mortal blow/danger/wound etcAs she reads or hears the news reports of battles, she can ascertain whether he is in mortal danger.Hellenism no longer represented a mortal danger.Railroad traffic is a mortal danger.Yesterday, the joint shop stewards committee of Corporate Jets said a loss of production would be a mortal blow.His dragon had taken a mortal wound as he and Caledor clashed on the battlefield.This rust-blood pouring from mortal wounds in the planet's skin is a terrible indictment of the tyranny we climbers inflict.
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