Date: 1300-1400
Language: Old French
Origin: Latin mortalis, from mors 'death'


1 adjective
1 not able to live for ever [≠ immortal]:
Her father's death reminded her that she was mortal.

mortal blow/danger/wound etc

a) something very serious, that may cause the end of something:
The computer has dealt a mortal blow to traditional printing methods.
Our health service is in mortal danger.
b) something that causes death or may cause death [↪ lethal]:
Near the end of the battle, he received a mortal wound.
the screams of men in mortal combat (=fighting until one person kills the other)

mortal enemy/foe

an enemy that you hate very much and will always hate:
He glared at Claudia as if she were his mortal enemy.

mortal fear/dread/terror

extreme fear:
She lives in mortal fear of her husband's anger.

somebody's mortal remains

formal someone's body, after they have died:
the churchyard where his mortal remains lie (=where his body is buried)
6 literary human - used especially when comparing humans with gods, spirits etc:
Both gods and mortal men found her captivating.

mortal coil

literary life or the state of being alive:
when Hubbard shuffled off this mortal coil (=died)

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