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mosaicmo‧sa‧ic /məʊˈzeɪ-ɪk $ moʊ-/ ●○○ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]AV a pattern or picture made by fitting together small pieces of coloured stone, glass etc rooms decorated with wall paintings and mosaics a 3rd-century Roman mosaic floor2 [countable usually singular]CF a group of different things that exist next to each other or togethermosaic of The forest floor was a mosaic of autumn colours. the complex mosaic of world cultures
Examples from the Corpus
mosaicThe novel's quest-story takes us into a mosaic of texts, parodies, translations, allusions and fragmentary quotations.Chahine Yavroyan's sound-design is a mosaic of distant gunfire, creaking hulks and elegiac music.Portal sculptures, wall paintings and mosaics created in each church a pictorial record of the Bible stories and teaching.The apse mosaics have a gold background and are of early type, being stiff and formal in design.These discrepancies are better highlighted by the difference mosaic shown as Fig. 11.She clumped across the star-patterned mosaic towards the walk-in cupboard where the ski-gear was kept.a Roman stone mosaic floorIt is difficult to believe therefore, that one of these mosaics was not influenced by the other.In some respects this mosaic appears also to have been influenced by pavements in the western part of the province.mosaic ofPlanted last fall, the garden is a mosaic of colors.
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MosaicMosaic adjective  RRrelating to Moses, the great leader of the Jewish people in ancient times the Mosaic law
Examples from the Corpus
MosaicSpyglass, of Naperville, Ill., is best known for its Mosaic browser software for the Internet.Eric Hahn will replace Marc Andreessen, the 26-year-old wonder boy who helped to write the Mosaic browser.Kathleen Kinder has written a book on Mosaic Knitting which is a particular form of striped slip.To interpret his significance they turned to the Hebrew sacred books, the Mosaic law as well as the prophetic writings.To many of them it seemed abhorrent to suggest that the Mosaic law was other than final.Such blasphemers by the Mosaic law were to be stoned to death and for his part he could freely consent to it.The pillars are no exception to the general style. Mosaic pictures cover every inch of wall.
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