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mosquitomos‧qui‧to /məˈskiːtəʊ $ -toʊ/ ●○○ noun (plural mosquitoes or mosquitos) [countable]  mosquito.jpg HBIa small flying insect that sucks the blood of people and animals, sometimes spreading the disease malaria
Examples from the Corpus
mosquitoIt opens up with the sound of a mosquito and gets louder and louder.Hanson anticipates ground spraying to kill adult mosquitoes by midweek.Even as I listened to him, mosquitoes, fat as houseflies, feasted on my legs.We also found with a sense of great relief that there were no mosquitoes!No breath of air stirred the Collector's mosquito net.Then, mosquitoes and steamy jungle heat along a path that went up and up.But my purse contained torch, mosquito repellent, passport and all the papers needed to subdue bureaucrats from here to Delhi.
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