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most of the time

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmost of the timemost of the timevery often or almost always I can speak German but we speak English most of the time. time
Examples from the Corpus
most of the timeMost of the time at work I just answer the phone and type letters.Most of the time he's a really nice guy, but sometimes he can be really nasty.Most of the time people vote for the party that offers them financial advantages.This place is really busy most of the time.Raskolnikov lives with his pain, but most of the time he doesn't focus on it.Without visible failure most minds are closed most of the time.We were hungry and cold most of the time.Dewar looked gloomy most of the time, being one of life's pessimists.Our two-year-old is happy most of the time, but he wakes up from his naps in an awful mood.I don't like the way I look, most of the time, for all the reasons I've just given.Even after that, she continued to have headaches almost daily and felt nauseated most of the time.And it works too, most of the time.He took no shit from anybody, gambled constantly, and won most of the time.
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