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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmotherhoodmoth‧er‧hood /ˈmʌðəhʊd $ -ðər-/ noun [uncountable]  MOTHERthe state of being a motherfatherhood the challenge of combining a career with motherhood teenagers who are unprepared for motherhood
Examples from the Corpus
motherhoodThe prisoner's crime, they felt, was a crime against motherhood.Our own children have not seen much evidence that women can easily fit a career around a marriage and motherhood.Women weren't expected to work in those days. The accepted pattern was marriage and motherhood.Not only did they disclaim any career but motherhood, they even began to question the need for the higher education itself.It is not easy trying to combine motherhood and a job.She's enjoying motherhood.Women still have motherhood, but men have lost the traditional sources of their manhood.However, sharing the parenting is only the first step in the process of modernizing motherhood and restructuring family life.Make a call to one of the millions of other great women who understand the rigors or motherhood.Until now, I have unfalteringly exercised that choice to postpone motherhood.teenage motherhood
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