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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmotleymot‧ley /ˈmɒtli $ ˈmɑːtli/ adjective [only before noun]   a motley collection/crew/assortment etc
Examples from the Corpus
motleyA motley bunch of students, ex-convicts and unemployed artists worked together to repair the building.The party is not a motley collection of ageing hippies, but an arm of a wealthy and complex organisation.If so, is what you have put together really just a motley collection with a messy clash of styles and materials?These confiscated nets were a very motley collection.The people who travelled with us to Mexico were a motley crew.a motley fleet of aircraftThey were an entertaining and very motley gang.One seemed to be humans dressed in black, the other was a motley group of exters.Gaz slowly gathers a motley group of losers.
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