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motor neurone disease

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motor neurone diseasemotor neu‧rone dis‧ease /ˌməʊtə ˈnjʊərəʊn dɪˌziːz $ ˌmoʊtər ˈnʊroʊn-/ noun [uncountable]  MIa serious disease that causes a gradual loss of control over the muscles and nerves of the body, resulting in death
Examples from the Corpus
motor neurone diseaseIn addition, help is required for motor neurone disease patients with swallowing disorders.But he suffers from motor neurone disease and needs twenty-four hour care.I have had motor neurone disease for practically all my adult life.It was a very great shock to me to discover that I had motor neurone disease.Patients' records with a diagnosis of motor neurone disease at any position on the record were identified.The findings presented here can provide only indirect evidence about any possible adverse effect of cimetidine on motor neurone disease.
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