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motorcademo‧tor‧cade /ˈməʊtəkeɪd $ ˈmoʊtər-/ noun [countable]  TTCPGOa line of official cars, including a car carrying an important person, that is travelling somewhere the president’s motorcade
Examples from the Corpus
motorcadeA motorcade through downtown Moon Beach, a twenty-one-gun salute, a memorial service in the cathedral.All the motorways were cleared and our sixteen car motorcade cruised down the centre of the freeway at 6Omph.But they instantly look the other way when he and his motorcade come into sight.Pacino detours his motorcade to visit the grieving parents.Catcalls greeted his motorcade the day he left.The simple fact that his motorcade stops at red traffic lights has deeply impressed Ankara residents.Secretary Deborah Butler, 33, planned to fire as she watched his motorcade in Denver, Colorado.the President's motorcadeIt does not show the motorcade during the assassination.
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