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motoringmo‧tor‧ing /ˈməʊtərɪŋ $ ˈmoʊ-/ noun [uncountable] British English  TTCthe activity of driving a car These magazines cover all kinds of popular subjects such as motoring, gardening, and sports. He was found guilty of 14 motoring offences. Police and motoring organizations urged drivers to keep their speed down. the sharp rise in motoring costs
Examples from the Corpus
motoringWe are also paying less for clothes but housing and motoring have doubled in cost.Before motoring became firmly established, the brigade was not only the district's guardian but also one of its greatest attractions.Both are adjectives difficult to apply to brisk cross-country motoring.They embarked on diesel motoring, with long-term reliability and economy in mind.Here is stylish, tousled-hair motoring without the discomfort.For peace of mind motoring, join the world's largest motoring organisation.Now we have to look at the real cost of motoring.And so to Brisbane where we began and on to Sydney where, after 10,000 miles of motoring, we left off.motoring offencesMorgan was also charged with 11 motoring offences.A man has been reported for a number of alleged motoring offences following the incident.The youth pleaded guilty to two charges of burglary and five motoring offences.Instead he admitted lesser motoring offences including drink-driving, failing to give a breath test and not stopping after an accident.It emerged that Gooch had a string of motoring offences.Voice over 13 other travellers were dealt with by the court for a variety of motoring offences arising out of the Castlemorton event.More than 1 million were found guilty of summary motoring offences.The various motoring offences can baffle the uninitiated, as I learned to my horror once when on a jury.
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