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motorwaymo‧tor‧way /ˈməʊtəweɪ $ ˈmoʊtər-/ ●●● S2 noun [countable]  British EnglishTTR a very wide road for travelling fast over long distances, especially between citiesexpressway, freeway, highway, interstateCOLLOCATIONSverbsdrive on/along/down the motorwayHe was driving along the motorway at a steady sixty miles an hour.get on/off the motorwayWe got on the motorway near Watford.join the motorway (=get on the motorway)Traffic will be diverted through Hamilton before joining the motorway.leave the motorwayA few miles further on they left the motorway.turn off the motorway (=leave the motorway)We forgot to turn off the motorway and ended up in London.adjectivesbusyThe motorway is always busy around Birmingham.a major motorwayTwo of Britain's major motorways pass through Nottingham.a six-lane/eight-lane etc motorwayThere are plans to build a new six-lane motorway through the area.motorway + NOUNmotorway drivingIs motorway driving included in the driving test?motorway trafficthe constant noise of motorway traffica motorway crashSix people were killed in a motorway crash.a motorway pileup (=when several cars on a motorway crash into each other)a news report of a motorway pileup on the M25a motorway junction (=a place where you can join or leave the motorway)Their stores are all situated near major motorway junctions.phrasesa stretch/section of motorwayThis stretch of motorway is always very busy.
Examples from the Corpus
motorwayA chain hotel located in a city centre or at the exit roundabout of a motorway guarantees many identical rooms.Read in studio Police have opened a motorway service station to encourage drivers to take a break.However, he defended the widening of the M25 motorway around London, and the building of bypasses in rural areas.A new motorway service station has been opened to encourage drivers to take a break.Male speaker He's still probably sweating a little because he's waiting to be called off at the next motorway junction.The speed limit on motorways is 70 mph.In front of her the motorway shimmered in the sun like the sands of a desert.Gargy Patel looks back on the first twelve months of the motorway completed after two decades of delay.Fifty vehicles were involved, ten people were killed, many more hurt on the motorway just outside Swindon.A wall of windows overlooked the motorway.
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