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mottledmot‧tled /ˈmɒtld $ ˈmɑː-/ adjective  AVCFcovered with spots or coloured areasmottled with The book’s pages were mottled with brown stains. His red, mottled face showed the effect of too much whisky.
Examples from the Corpus
mottledControl: Misting over flowers Blotchy ripening: Fruits mottled bright red and yellow and flesh stays hard.He wore a mottled camouflage jacket and a lightweight stetson and carried an automatic rifle.Then an immature gannet came into view away out at sea, a huge bird, still in mottled dark brown plumage.a mottled gray-and-white whaleThe mottled lock on the front still held, but its dusty cardboard strap had fractured with age.A tiny canary-yellow waterlily with heavily mottled olive-green leaves.Above the scoop neckline of her peacock blue dress, an ill-defined rash of mottled pink broke out, then faded.He was also the first to prepare blue mottled soap.Its coat was light red or dun mottled with white.
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