1 noun
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mould1 British English ; mold American English

shaped container

[countable]DFU a hollow container that you pour a liquid or soft substance into, so that when it becomes solid, it takes the shape of the container:
Another method, used especially for figures, was to pour the clay into a mould.
lime jell-o in a mould

type of person

[singular] if someone is in a particular mould, or fits into a particular mould, they have all the attitudes and qualities typical of a type of person
fit (into) a mould
She didn't quite fit into the standard 'high-flying businesswoman' mould.
in the same mould (as somebody/something)/in the mould of somebody/something
a socialist intellectual in the mould of Anthony Crossland

break the mould

to change a situation completely, by doing something that has not been done before:
an attempt to break the mould of British politics

growing substance

[uncountable]HBD a soft green, grey, or black substance that grows on food which has been kept too long, and on objects that are in warm, wet air:
The chemical was used to kill a mold that grows on peanuts.
The walls were black with mould.
leaf mould

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