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mountainmoun‧tain /ˈmaʊntɪn $ ˈmaʊntən/ ●●● S3 W3 noun [countable]  1 DNSGa very high hill the highest mountain in Austria the Rocky Mountains a steep mountain road magnificent mountain ranges (=lines of mountains) snow-capped mountain peaks (=tops of mountains) a mountain rescue team (=a group of experienced climbers who help people to safety from a mountain) She was the first British woman to climb the mountain.2 a mountain of something/mountains of something3 food/butter etc mountain4 make a mountain out of a molehill5 (have) a mountain to climb6 move mountainsCOLLOCATIONSadjectiveshighThese mountains are much higher than any in Europe.rugged mountains (=rough and uneven)the spectacular scenery of rugged mountainsa snow-capped mountain (=with snow on the top)beautiful views of snow-capped mountainsa distant mountain (=far away)The sun was setting over the distant mountains.a great mountain (=a high, impressive mountain)Here, great mountains are all around.a sacred mountain (=considered holy)Mount Fuji is a sacred mountain.verbsgo/walk up a mountain (also ascend a mountain formal)Carrie and Albert went up the mountain, neither of them speaking as they climbed.climb a mountain (=walk and/or climb to the top of a mountain)Hillary had climbed all the big mountains in New Zealand.go/walk down a mountain She lost her way as she went down the mountain.cross the mountainsWe crossed the mountains between Spain and France.mountains rise (=go high into the sky)The mountains rise above the plains.mountains soar/tower literary (=go very high into the sky)The distant mountains soar abruptly towards the sky.mountain + NOUNa mountain range/chain (=a number of mountains in a line)The Alps are the largest mountain range in Europe.a mountain topUntil the end of June you may find snow on the mountain tops.a mountain peak (=the top of a mountain)Clouds hid the mountain peaks.a mountain slope (=the sides of a mountain)Snow lay on the steep mountain slopes.a mountain pass (=a path or road between mountains)Their journey took them through river valleys and over mountain passes.a mountain streamThe water was as clear and cold as a mountain stream.mountain aira walk in the clear mountain airmountain rescue (=people who help people who are in difficulty on a mountain)Mountain rescue teams were called out to search for the missing climbers.phrasesthe top of a mountain (also the summit of a mountain formal)We climbed to the top of the mountain.the foot of a mountain (=the bottom of a mountain)We’ll take the car to the foot of the mountain and walk from there.the side of a mountainThe path wound up the side of the mountain.
THESAURUSmountain a very high hillthe highest mountain in Austriahill an area of land that is higher than the land around it, which is like a mountain but smaller and usually has a rounded topWe went for a walk in the hills. The house is surrounded by woods, farmland and gentle hills.Mount (also Mt written abbreviation) used in the names of mountains. Dont say ‘Fuji Mountain’ – say ‘Mount Fuji’Mount Everestcliff the steep side of an area of land, often next to the seathe white cliffs of Doverprecipice especially literary a very steep and dangerous cliffThey were standing on the edge of a precipice. crag a high steep rock or mountainAn eagle sailed over the high crags. ridge a long narrow area of high ground, especially at the top of a mountainI could see a group of climbers high up on a ridge.knoll a small round hilla grassy knollvolcano a mountain with a large hole at the top, through which lava (=hot liquid rock) is sometimes forced outthe eruption of a volcanosummit the very highest point of a mountainthe summit of Mt Everestpeak especially literary the top of a mountainthe snow-covered peaks of the Himalayasa distant peakrange/chain a group of mountains or hills arranged in a linethe mountain range that is part of the border between Norway and Swedenfoothills a group of smaller hills below a range of high mountainsthe Sierra foothills
GRAMMAR: Patterns with mountainin the mountainsYou use in the mountains to refer to an area with several mountains: They went climbing in the mountains. We stayed in a little village in the mountains. Don’t say: on the mountains | in the mountainon the mountainYou use on the mountain when referring to one particular mountain: They lost their way and had to spend a night on the mountain. Don’t say: in the mountain
Examples from the Corpus
mountainThe latest software can imitate the texture of flesh or the topography of a mountain range.Since that time many independent Orc and Goblin tribes have taken root in the forests and mountains of that cold land.It is the start of the tourist season and Katmandu is the gateway to the world's highest mountains, including Everest.the Rocky MountainsA similar secret sanctuary for the president was constructed elsewhere in the mountains west of Washington.The lodge is in the mountains of southern Idaho.To see it one must usually climb into the mountains which surround its last preserve.You still think of the mountains.Perhaps they're going to spend the night on the mountain.mountain rangesLimbs a symphony in ancient mountain ranges.They followed rivers for convenience, then struck out in a straight line, bisecting mountain ranges, cutting watersheds in half.The glen is deeply enclosed by lofty mountain ranges, each side formed of a succession of peaks linked by ridges.Most mountain ranges are supported by a crust far thicker than the ranges are tall.To reach this desolate spot you set off at sun-up and head toward mountain ranges which scarcely ever get closer.These depths consist of vast mountain ranges, deep canyons, mighty steaming lava flows.And the estuary is beautiful, with mountain ranges rising on each side.
From Longman Business Dictionarymountainmoun‧tain /ˈmaʊntənˈmaʊntn/ noun [countable] butter/beef/ grain etc mountainECONOMICS a very large amount of food that is stored, especially by the EUROPEAN UNION, in order to prevent prices from becoming lowerThere are frequent butter, grain, wine and beef mountains which are stored at great cost or sold off cheaply to other countries. see also cash mountain
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