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mountedmoun‧ted /ˈmaʊntɪd/ adjective  1 PMASCPriding on a horse the mounted police Jean was mounted on a grey mare.2 fixed firmly to a larger thing The statue was mounted on a marble base. music blasting from wall-mounted speakers
Examples from the Corpus
mountedWhen a stuffed owl was presented to experienced blackbirds living in aviaries, they started mobbing the mounted bird.The Silver Helm Knights are the culmination of thousands of years of experience in mounted combat.The Corrado's supercharger sits alongside the transversely mounted engine and is belt-driven off the crankshaft pulley at 1.66 times engine speed.Nos. 44 and 48 passed to London Transport still with bogie mounted plough carriers.The unit I had for review was the wrist mounted version which had a rubber strap with a built in expander.
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