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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmountingmount‧ing1 adjective /ˈmaʊntɪŋ/ [only before noun]  gradually increasing – often used about things that cause problems or trouble There was mounting pressure on him to resign. The government has come under mounting criticism in the press. They faced mounting debts. There’s mounting evidence of a link between obesity and some forms of cancer.
Examples from the Corpus
mountingA mounting clip is available for fixing the alarm in larger openings.He struggled on in the face of mounting debts, Amid mounting excitement, an official came forward to announce the result of the election.the nation's mounting foreign debtAnother year of mounting losses proved too much for Pepperdine's basketball coach.The decision has been the cause of mounting tension in the capital.The fighting capped weeks of mounting tensions in the area.What are the reasons for mounting unemployment in the Arab countries?There are reports of mounting violence in the village tribes.mounting pressureWe expect to find it increasingly difficult to do so at short notice because our budgets are under mounting pressure.Having pledged its support for the environment and the poor, there is mounting pressure for it to institutionalize some safeguards.Together, the Doctor and Bishop scrambled through the inner door against the mounting pressure of air.There is mounting pressure to break down the barriers protecting the tax-deductible charitable dollar.Both sides have reacted warily to the mounting pressure to force her to testify.In reality Mr Ayling was facing mounting pressure to go.But it was clear he would face mounting pressure to intervene from not only congressional leaders but travelers.Heseltine came under mounting pressure to stand in the forthcoming leadership election.
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mountingmounting2 noun [countable]  TDan object to which other things, especially parts of a machine, are fastened to keep them in place The engine is supported by four rubberized mountings.
Examples from the Corpus
mountingThe engine is supported by four rubberized mountings.I wince every time I watch a two-stroke apparently trying to tear itself from the mountings.Faults were discovered in the mountings on the crash barriers around the top deck of the car park in July.
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