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mouthfulmouth‧ful /ˈmaʊθfʊl/ noun [countable]  1 DFLITTLE/NOT MUCHan amount of food or drink that you put into your mouth at one time Michael told his story between mouthfuls.mouthful of Betty drank a mouthful of beer. He took a mouthful of his pudding.2 (a bit of) a mouthful3 give somebody a mouthful4 say a mouthful
Examples from the Corpus
mouthfulJoey had a mouthful of cookies.Mattie snapped through a mouthful of food.He took a mouthful of the secret vodka, savouring it, carried it to the door, listened.She took a mouthful of wine, but it came straight back up.Entertainments National Service - what a mouthful.After all those years of eating Lewis' dust, there was Powell at the end with a mouthful of sand.a mouthful of sharp teethI'm stuffed. I couldn't eat another mouthful.Think Mary Lou Retton and her mouthful of polished choppers.Finally, the very thought of one more sweet and sticky mouthful would make him sick.He dragged on crumpled clothes, tried to eat breakfast but spat out the mouthful, fled to his car.
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