2 noun
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move2 S2 W1 [countable]


something that you decide to do in order to achieve something:
She's still thinking about her next move.
move to do something
the Board's recent moves to cut interest rates
Most of the council members are reluctant to make such a drastic move.
The authorities have made no move to resolve the conflict.
a good/wise/smart etc move
She decided to learn as much about it as she could, which seemed like a wise move.
Taking the position was a good career move (=a decision that will improve the type of jobs you can do).
there are moves afoot (to do something) British English (=there are plans, especially secret ones)
It seems there could be moves afoot to close the centre.


[usually singular] when someone moves for a short time in a particular direction:
Good gymnasts rehearse their moves mentally before a competition.
He made no move to come any nearer.
Martin made a move towards the door.
watch/follow somebody's every move
His green eyes followed Cissy's every move.
One false move (=move in the wrong direction) and I'll shoot.


a change, especially one which improves a situation
move towards/from/against/to
the country's move towards democracy
a move away from traditional industries such as coal mining
Much more research is being done, which is a move in the right direction.

be on the move

a) to be travelling from one place to another:
The rebel army is on the move.
b) to be busy and active:
Roy is constantly on the move.
c) to be changing and developing a lot, especially in a way that improves things:
Museums are on the move, adding exhibits that entertain and educate.

get a move on

spoken used to tell someone to hurry

make the first move

to do something first, especially in order to end a quarrel or start a relationship:
Men say they like it when women make the first move.


DGB when you change the position of one of the objects in a game such as chess:
Several moves later, Ron took his king.
It's your move, Janet (=it is your turn to move an object).

make a move

British English informal to leave a place:
It's getting late - we ought to make a move.

going to a new place

[usually singular]DH when you leave one house, office etc, and go to live or work in a different one:
The move to a larger office building is long overdue.

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