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moveā€§ment S1 W1

people working together

[countable]PPG a group of people who share the same ideas or beliefs and who work together to achieve a particular aim
civil rights/feminist/peace etc movement
the civil rights movement of the 1960s
movement to do something
Mendes led a movement to stop destruction of the rain forest.
movement for
the movement for independence


[uncountable and countable]
a) when someone or something changes position or moves from one place to another:
the dancer's graceful movements
movement of
A slight movement of the curtains showed where she was hiding.
the movement of goods across the border
He motioned to the door with a movement of his head.
b) a planned change in the position of a group of soldiers:
reports of troop movements in the area


[uncountable] a gradual change or development in a situation or in people's attitudes or opinions:
There's been no movement in the peace talks since Thursday.
movement towards/away from
a movement towards equality with men in the workplace

somebody's movements

the places where someone goes and the things they do during a certain period:
Police are trying to trace Carter's movements since Tuesday.


[countable]APM one of the main parts into which a piece of music is divided, especially a symphony


[countable usually singular]DT the moving parts of a piece of machinery, especially a clock or watch

body waste

[countable] formalHBH when you get rid of waste matter from your bowels

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