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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmovingmov‧ing /ˈmuːvɪŋ/ ●●○ adjective  1 STRONG FEELING OR BELIEFmaking you feel strong emotions, especially sadness or sympathydeeply/very/profoundly moving Bayman’s book about his illness is deeply moving.moving account/story etc a moving account of his childhood in Ireland Attending the memorial service was a moving experience.2 [only before noun]MOVE/CHANGE POSITION changing from one position to another a moving stagefast/slow moving etc Be careful when changing lanes in fast-moving traffic. an archer learning to hit a moving target3 a moving target4 the moving spiritmovingly adverb She spoke movingly about her father’s last days.
Examples from the Corpus
movingThe occasion was deeply moving.The book is a very moving account of life in the refugee camps of Thailand.It is then the truck drivers push them out of the moving cab.Each printer is built as the completed boards then join other components via assembly stations on the ever moving conveyer belt.They can spot moving objects better than still ones.All the moving parts of the engine must be kept well-oiled.Soprano Teresa Stratas gave a moving performance.His left foot was trapped beneath the moving snake.a moving stageNobody hits a moving target and you can quote me.After the final game there was a moving tribute to one of the players, who died tragically during the season.The authorities believe the body was thrown from a moving vehicle.The scene at the end of Act III is very moving, when Rafaella finds out that her husband has betrayed her.deeply/very/profoundly movingBut as a novel that attempts to fathom our recent times, it is always thought-provoking and ultimately deeply moving.It was like the old days, and it was very moving.The scene is nevertheless necessary and, if well sung and acted, very moving.As you might imagine, this has been a profoundly moving and difficult week for all of us and our political family.You are facing up to yourself in a very moving and powerful way - hello?The portraits she paints are deeply moving and sympathetic.And the visitor's interest is kept alive by the deeply moving beauty of novel forms.It was a very moving experience, barriers were broken between the mums and we could talk from our hearts.fast/slow moving etcBy blowing over the top of the paper, you made the air above the slow moving air strip move faster.The rapidity with which El precipitado moves from scene to scene makes it a very fast moving drama.Chris used scarves in her session and Margaret worked her class very hard towards a fast moving item with some quick footwork.Against fast moving shock troops such as armoured cavalry this is also true.It was a fast moving show that dealt largely in nostalgia.They're a fast moving, trendy tracksuited, van-driving team.The water is crystal clear and slow moving, usually neutral or a little acid.
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