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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMrMr British English, Mr. American English /ˈmɪstə $ -ər/ ●●● W2  1 MANused before a man’s family name to be polite when you are speaking to him, writing to him, or talking about him Mr Smith is the headteacher. Mr. John Smith Mr and Mrs Smith2 MANused when speaking to a man in an official position Mr Chairman Mr. President madam(3)3 Mr Right4 Mr Big5 Mr Clean6 Mr Sarcasm/Mr Messy/Mr Forgetful etc no more Mr Nice Guy! at guy(5)From Longman Business DictionaryMr.Mr.1a title used before a man’s family name when being politePlease can I speak to Mr Shultz?Mr. Rupert Murdoch2a title used when addressing a man in an official positionMay I speak, Mr Chairman?Welcome home, Mr. President.MRMRMARKETING abbreviation for market research
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