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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary EnglishMRIMRI /ˌem ɑːr ˈaɪ/ noun medical  1 [uncountable] (magnetic resonance imaging) the process of using strong magnetic fields to make a picture of the inside of someone’s body for medical reasonsCT scan, X-ray2 [countable] a picture of the inside of someone’s body produced with MRI equipment Brian had an MRI taken Sunday.
Examples from the Corpus
MRIThe tumor was discovered after an MRI during the actress' annual physical Monday.Spencer may play against the Nuggets, pending the results of X-rays and an MRI...We have already shown that this type of imaging technique can overcome the problems of conventional MRI.The researchers used functional MRI to scan 14 healthy people while they listened to two types of jokes.Numerous studies published over recent years have shown the potential advantages of MRI for staging pelvic tumours.The efficacy of MRI for evaluating tumours in the chest is not yet clear.Quantitative MRI showed a reduction in volume of the epileptogenic hippocampus compared to the contralateral hippocampus.
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