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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmsms noun (plural mss) [countable]  x-refthe written abbreviation of manuscriptMsMs British English, Ms. American English /mɪz, məz/ ●●● W2  WOMANused before a woman’s family name when she does not want to be called ‘Mrs’ or ‘Miss’, or when you do not know whether she is married or notmiss, Mrs Dear Ms Johnson, ...Ms.Ms. trademark  a US magazine for women, started by the feminist writer Gloria steinem
Related topics: Illness & disability
MSMS /ˌem ˈes/ noun [uncountable]  MI (multiple sclerosis) a serious illness that gradually destroys the nerves, causing weakness and inability to move
M.S.M.S. /ˌem ˈes/ noun [countable] American English  (Master of Science) a university degree in a science subject that you can get after your first degreeFrom Longman Business DictionaryMs.Ms. /məz, mɪz/ a title used before a married or an unmarried woman’s family name when being politeIs that Mrs or Ms? (=used when asking how someone likes to be addressed)Ms. Anita Roddick
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