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much less

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishmuch lessmuch lessAND/ALSOused to say that a greater thing is even less true, likely, or possible than the thing you have just mentioned The shelves were lined with books which neither Hugo nor Sally would ever open, much less read. much
Examples from the Corpus
much lessThe bill now goes to the Senate, where its fate is much less assured.Try dowsing without rods: it's much less cumbersome.I will become much less easily tired ... much less easily fatigued ... much less easily discouraged ... much less easily depressed.That had to ne injected daily, but her husband recalls the injections being much less frequent.Even Libertarians, who advocate much less government, are happy to accept public campaign money.Even today, most politicians rarely wear neckties, much less power suits.In the end, the tax brought in much less revenue than originally forecast.Its development costs are not much less than the firm's total asset value.I doubt Clemson will even make the finals, much less win.
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